Wireless Bluetooth gamepad

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NEW S3 Direct Connect

A set of standard: handle + bracket + charging line + manual

1. The product is mainly suitable for playing games during the Bluetooth connection of the Andriod/iOS/Win 7/8/10 system and the wireless connection of the PS3 game console.
2, applicable equipment: smart phone / tablet / smart TV, set-top box / PC / PS3 game console.
3, L T / RT for the analog function, pay more attention to the details of the experience, so that the game is precise and controllable.
4, can be equipped with a receiver for use on PC / PS3 and other devices. (The receiver needs to be purchased separately)


※ Some games may not be connected directly to this product due to irresistible factors such as official system, games, game platform upgrades or changes.
Our company does not take any responsibility. Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.

 Product color: NEW S3+ bracket (direct version)

Packing size: 17x6.5x12.3cm微信图片_20171220141356


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